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Today I felt to post a portion of some prophetic declaration and words given by my son, Pastor Jonathan Hanson, and myself, this past Sunday. I believe that 2023 is a season to embrace the fresh presence of Jesus in your life. He is coming in clouds! He is coming in His manifest presence in bodily form. We are in another measure of His life-giving, life transforming river. It is another measure to know Him in a deeper way and to see His glory rise in the earth. The body of Christ is going to arise and shine in this hour in new levels of intimacy and testimony in the power of Christ.

Jonathan Hanson:

I decided to look up the word Advent this morning, and it means “important coming”, or “important arrival”, or “important promise”. So, I just feel like, what Amy just said being grateful that Jesus is the greatest gift.

I hear Him say, “Are you ready for an important arrival? Are you ready for an important coming.”

There’s something in the air, there’s something God is doing in your life. Even if you can’t see Him working, He’s doing something. I promise you, He’s up to something. Even if people around you can’t feel it or sense it, and you like, how come I am the only one that is bubbly and everyone else is like tormented? It’s because God is doing something whether you feel it or not. So, I want to posture my heart to just believe what He says more than what I feel. I want to believe what He says more than what everyone around me is feeling. I want to believe God.
I know You are the most important arrival that every came, You’re also the most important that is coming, and You’re the most important that’s here right now. And so God, I just know you are up to something in this season that we’re in. You’re always working. You’re always doing things. You’re always talking to us. You’re always preparing and making ways and providing a way.

So, I just hear Him say, “Get ready! I’m coming! Get ready, I’m coming! Get ready, I’m coming in your life in new ways. Get ready, I’m about to show up in a way that you’ve never experienced Me before. Where you’ve only tasted blips of Me before, I’m coming in a brand-new way. So, get ready, 2023, I’m coming. Get ready for the most important arrival of your life. Jesus is showing up in your life in ways you’ve never experienced before. So posture your hearts to receive, posture your hearts to believe, posture your ways of knowing who I am more than what you see, but posture yourself to believe and to trust that I am here with you.”

Ted J. Hanson:

“Do you understand that My mercy is new every morning? That My grace is sufficient for every situation. I am not turning the page to give you a new calendar, I’m giving you a new appointment book, says God.  For this is not a time of opportunity, this is a time of divine appointments. And you’re going to understand in this new season, how wonderful My mercy is. That I am not the One who simply comes to do ‘do overs’ in your life, I am the One who makes all things new.  And that which you have not even dared to see or dared to believe for, is going to stir in your spirit. For God says, I am renewing your thought, I’m renewing your strategy, I’m renewing your emotions, I’m renewing your imagination, I’m renewing your desire.”

“This is going to be a season of you depending upon Me, not out of desperation, but out of joy. Out of anticipation. Out of divine connection, and you will understand that I work on your behalf. That I look at you as children and friends and I move on your behalf to reveal who I am. Not so that I will receive, but so that you will receive. So that you will believe. So that you will become all that I have declared,” says God. “So, this is not a season of a new calendar. This is a season of new appointment and it’s a fresh season to know that My mercy is new every morning and my grace is more than sufficient for every situation.”

Food for Thought,

Ted J. Hanson

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