Generational Leadership

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Generational Leadership – God’s Will Is A Body – 1a:

Generational Leadership is based upon Ted Hanson’s book – Generational Leadership. It brings to light treasures from Ted Hanson’s many years of relationship with God and leadership in the church. This course reveals keys to influencing the generations and will activate readers to grow and progress in maturity and destiny. It will empower leaders and influencers to unlock destiny and release a multi generational inheritance in the church.

Generational Leadership – God’s Will Is A Body – 1b:

Generational Leadership – God’s Will Is A Body – 1c:

Generational Leadership – God’s Will Is A Body – 1d:

Please send me some brief testimonies of what you are doing to fulfill these things so we can all learn from one another. I will post some testimonies for the sake of others in the network. You can also post testimonies in the comment section of this page. If you include contact information others in the network can contact you if they would like to know more. Let’s encourage one another as we work to lead God’s church.


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Sessions Will Include:

  1. God’s Will Is A Body
  2. God’s Government
  3. The Equipping Gifts
  4. A Corporate Purpose
  5. A Spiritual Letter
  6. Leaders Serve The Purpose of God’s Good News
  7. The Covenant Foundation of Leadership
  8. The Calling of Leadership and Christ’s Ekklesia
  9. The Foundation of a 100-Year Plan
  10. Relationships – The Foundation of Ministry
  11. The Destruction of Relationships
  12. The Flaw of Self
  13. The Gates of Community

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Leadership 6 Link

Leadership 7 Link

Leadership 8 Link

Leadership 9 Link

Session #1

Session #2

Session #3

Session #4

Session #5

Session #6

Session #7

Session #8

Session #9


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