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Every human being has a measure of authority. That authority is based upon who each person is. It is relationally connected to others, but it is unique to who they are. Authority is connected to responsibility, but responsibility is also connected to a person’s ability to function in a specific area. Each of us makes an effective us, but an illegitimate someone else. Every person is born with unique motivational gifting given to them by God in their creation (Rom. 14:4-8). A secret to authority is to find the measure of who we are in life. It is a gift given to us by God, the source of all authority.

Romans12:3 For I say, through the grace given to me, to everyone who is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think soberly, as God has dealt to each one a measure of faith. 

To think more highly of ourselves than we ought to is to move beyond the boundaries of who we really are. This is moving beyond the boundaries of our authority. Authority is our ability to bring life to others. When we move beyond the boundaries of our authority we cannot give life, but we become takers of power. It is an illegitimate function and is not true to who we were created to be. A step beyond who we really are, is a step past security. It is moving into insecurity. When we find ourselves in insecure places we grasp for security from other sources around us. This can happen when we don’t have a revelation of who we really are and also when we move beyond the measure of who we really are. We must grow in knowing who we are and then me must be fully secure in our own identity. This is where our authority lies. It is in our ability to bring life to others.

We were created spirit, soul, and body. Each of us is to be fully human in spirit, soul, and body within the boundaries of our God-given authority. It is important to unite the spirit, soul, and body in order release a true measure of the authority of our lives. When we unite the fullness of who we are within the sphere of who we were created to be it releases a powerful flow of life. The source of the human spirit is God’s Holy Spirit. The legitimate source of life for the human soul is one’s own spirit made alive by God’s Spirit. Our lives are to be an expression of the fullness of who we are. When we are united in our spirits, souls, and bodies we release a power that influences the lives of others. We must be both united and focused in our purpose in life, because we are not our own. We were born to bring life to the world.

Harold Eberle has written a great book, God’s Leaders For Tomorrow’s World, and in it is a chapter concerning the poise of soul. In his book he addresses the importance of the poise of soul. Harold Eberle states that, “When one’s soul is aligned with and in agreement with his spirit, the spiritual force from within is strong.” When the human spirit, soul, and body are in full agreement there is a powerful testimony. This can be either a flow of life or a flow of death. Jesus said to come to Him and drink and from our hearts would flow rivers of living water (Jn. 7:38). Jesus came to restore the purpose of every human being. From within each of us should flow a river of life-giving water. This is part of our purpose in Christ. This is not just a generic promise, but also a specific promise for the uniqueness of each and every one.

We must each be secure and confident in whom we are. Being confident includes a determination to be fully focused on our responsibilities in life. This includes the determination of our spirits, souls, and bodies. When we do this in the legitimate areas of our responsibilities we release life to others. If we do this in areas we are not responsible we will release a powerful energy that resist those who carry the true responsibility in that area. We will actually hinder the flow of life that comes from them to others. I will address this in next week’s blog.

We must live our lives in accordance with our own responsibilities. When we accept our responsibilities we will hear God in the area we are responsible. I made an error in this in my early years as a pastor. I was so concerned with communicating to the people that there was no difference between them and me that I forgot there was a difference between them and me. I was among them, but I was also called by God to lead them. I smelled like a sheep, but I didn’t smell like a shepherd. A shepherd must smell like sheep or he is not living among them, but he must also smell like a shepherd.

You can’t be so involved with the building project that you can’t see what’s being built. You can’t be so involved with the trees that you can’t see the forest. There is a grace given to leaders to see the big picture and not be affected by the little details that would hinder the overall plan. The leader must see the big picture and not be pulled down by the little details that would hold him back. A leader must be several steps ahead of those he or she leads. This involves accepting the responsibility of leading with all one’s heart, soul, and strength. It involves being determined and focused to lead in one’s spirit, soul, and physical life. When a leader does this, there effectiveness as a leader will become clear and strong. Others will follow such a leader.

What is your responsibility? What have you been asked to do? What has been delegated to you?  What is your purpose in this responsibility? When you accept who you are you can become purposed in who you are. Who you are is always connected to others. It is a matter of relationships that bring life to others. When you know this, you can become purposed in who you are. You can become determined and focused in your spirit, soul, and body. This will release a strong flow of life to others.

Food For Thought,


Ted J. Hanson

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