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The house of God is the place of God’s love. It is a place where divinely joined members live for the life of one another. It is a place of life. True life is the testimony of true love. In the house of God I love others as I love myself. How do I love myself? When I am wounded, I make sure something happens to heal the wound.  I experienced this a couple of months ago when I broke my foot. Cells in my body came together to heal the wound in my foot, but I did not lose focus of being a body for the testimony of the life of Ted Hanson. My foot was loved and healed, but my body continued in the journey of life and destiny in the circumstance of pain and challenge in mobility.

We live for the health and blessing of the house of God. How do I live to give life to the body? I am going to make a judgment of love. Every judgment of love requires a response towards the one you love. There must be a tithe level relationship. It is for this reason that we even tithe our money. It has nothing to do with 10% of our money. It has to do with our relationship with the pillar, the rock. If you are with me, the true test of what is on the inside of me is how affected I am on the inside from what I see on the outside.

Cancer is a condition that happens when a body cell feeds on the cells of the body to feed itself. It no longer becomes a cell that gives life to the body. It takes life from the body. When you get cancer, a treatment must be sought that can destroy cancer the cells or the cancer cells will destroy the body. You must destroy what is destroying the body. I believe that a lot of cancers, physically and spiritually, can be prevented through the focus of our lives. Spiritual cancer in a body happens when a member seeks to take life from the other members for their own individual purpose. But when every member lives for the corporate purpose, the body is healthy. When a member lives for its own purpose, the body becomes cancerous in nature. If left untreated it can become aggressive and it can aggressively destroy the corporate focus, purpose, and destiny of a ministry. It becomes active. It seeks to grow faster than the body. It seeks to give all its energy and take energy from others for its own purpose. It becomes a self-consumer. That is called cancer. The body of Christ should be a place where there is no cancer of a spiritual nature. The cure for cancer comes when the cells of the body seek to give life to the other cells for the sake of being a healthy body. It is not merely about individual ministries or pleasures. It is about corporate health and destiny. To live for the other cells is to live for the purpose of being a living body.

God wants the real thing, He doesn’t not fake the real thing. What constitutes a family are members;­ a father, mother, children, brothers, and sisters that are in relationship with one another and they live for one another. In a marriage two individuals, who are totally different, decide to live for the purpose of being one. When a male and a female, a man and a woman, a man who thinks like a man and a woman who thinks like a woman, purpose in their hearts to live as a man/woman and a woman/man it is a miracle of one flesh. It is a mystery of one flesh. Marriage is when two individuals, who do not naturally think the same, live to overcome the natural obstacles supernaturally to bear the fruit of being one. You cannot be a marriage without a supernatural intervention. You cannot be the body of Christ without the supernatural presence of God. If you say, I have come to the church because I was looking for a place where my needs can be met. You can come with that confused thinking, but that thinking is cancerous thinking if it remains the focus, purpose, and destiny of your life. The body of Christ is not the place you come and your needs are met. It is where you are divinely joined to become the testimony of Christ. When all the members come together for that purpose, needs are met, but no one lives to see their needs met. This requires something supernatural When you as a parent, when you raise your children and you have two or three children, do you teach them that it is survival of the strongest in your house? Do you teach them to destroy one another with the hope that one of the children will succeed? Do you teach them to beat one another up, to destroy one another, to get into arguments and fights in the hope that one of the children will become the victor? This is called the animal kingdom, it is not the kingdom of God. That is the kingdom of flesh. In the animal kingdom, there are basically two ways to die. Almost no animal dies of old age. I am not talking about the world of pets. I am talking about the world of the forest. Almost all animals are ripped apart by other animals or harvested by some hunter. This is the real world of the forest. In the body of Christ, it is not the world of animals. There should not be two ways to die in the body of Christ. There should be no wild animals and there should be no hunters in the body of Christ. There should be no one who is seeking to kill in the body of Christ. In the body of Christ, we are proven to be the body of Christ. There are going to be misunderstandings. There are going to be offenses. There is more opportunity to be offended in the church than in the world. Why? It is the only way it can be proven for you to be the body of Christ. You have no power to change those around you, but you have Christ in you to prove you are a member of the body of Christ. This is my Father’s house. I am a part of a room in the Father’s house. God is with me here. He is changing me from the inside out. He gives me bread. He clothes me, He gives me testimony and it is proving to be the house of God.

Food For Thought,

Ted J. Hanson

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Ted J. Hanson is the leader of House of Bread Ministry and Christ Life Training Ministry Academy. He has dedicated his life to raising up the generations of God with a 100-year plan to become the testimony and power of God's life and grace in the earth.
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