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Today I feel compelled to repost a prophecy I gave two years ago. I believe it is key to the season we are in. In this prophecy the emphasis is on the King and His desires. He is a giving King, one of passion and compassion. He is calling for His sons and daughters, a generation of nobility that lives for His righteous cause and His purposes in the earth. He is not afraid of the world, but even uses those who don’t necessarily act as we think they should for His purposes.

This is a time for God’s purposes and not the purposes or agendas of our own hearts.

July 25, 2016 – Prophecy by Ted J. Hanson

I hear God saying, “Will you hear what My Spirit is saying? That I have come with a kingly authority, but my kingly authority is not like the kingdoms of the world. That I am not a King who seeks to control. I am not a King who seeks to lord. I am a King who seeks to give out the substance of all that I am. I am a King that does not just give out the things that I have to those who come looking. I am a King who looks for children who also will become those of nobility. For I desire to bring forth a people who will be passionate and compassionate. A people who will recognize that they can partner with the world in unusual partnerships as they recognize My speaking through the kings of the world. Though those kings do not know Me, My people know Me and they recognize the voice within them. They recognize that My favor is here to turn the purposes of men to serve the purposes of God. And again, in the midst of this revolution I will do revolutionary things, even in the natural. I will cause the inventions and discoveries to serve My purposes. Don’t be distracted by the things that pull your attentions towards the hunger in the hearts of man’s own agenda and don’t let that spirit come into your body.”

For the Lord says, “This is a time when I am raising up a pure authority and that authority is an authority of community. It’s an authority of love. It’s an authority of life. Yes, it’s an authority that’s transparent, but it is also an authority that’s translucent. It’s not just transparent to show the vulnerable places, but it’s translucent to show the glory of transformations. For there is a confidence and there is a conviction to reveal who I am to the nations. And I am not afraid to make My decisions, says God. But I make My decisions based upon the passion and compassion of My heart. And when I remove things that need to be removed, I remove them because it is the best interest of that which will be life forevermore. And when I bring forth a furtherance of things that are I bring forth a furtherance of things that are because it’s in the best interest of bringing forth the increasing glory of My name. Will you be my people? Will you be a generation that rises up and embraces another generation? Will you be those who reject the headships of legalism and promiscuity and receive the headship of the King of glory, the King of king? And will you become the bread and the wine that doesn’t serve the purposes of just mere soulish fellowship but serves the purposes of that which is bread for the nations and life for its people? Will you become the fruit that can be eaten? Will you become the substance that can be digested? Will you be the people that change the world?”

The Spirit of God says, “Leaders I am putting upon you a mantle of fathering, but it’s not just fathering as you have known in the past. For this is a father’s womb. There are going to be things that are birthed as a mother would birth, but they’re going to be birthed as a father would birth them. For that which is birthed will be overcoming and you will raise up a people who will not just know how to embrace the joyful things of the Lord, but they will rejoice and joyfully embrace the suffering things, so they can become the substance that transforms the nations they find themselves within. And God says, I am turning my hand in favor towards that internal place of the heart. And so, Watch and see, be awake and expect it – for this is a time for the grassroots revolution to gain momentum. What’s at hand is a war on authority, but authority gives life. So, walk in this anointing and receive the speech of the Lord. Recognize the speaking of the Lord and become the speaking of the word of the Lord. And be the children of the kingdom. Be the place of oil that touches the earth. Be the place of dew that touches Zion. Be the place that’s known as, ‘Wow, that is life forevermore!’ Be the place of diversity that reveals unity and let those who are in the wars of the world only serve the purposes of those coming to the place that ends all wars, the internal kingdom of life.”

I felt it important to post this prophecy to inspire us to embrace the essence of these words. As leaders, we must embrace the mantle of fathering. This is a father spirit that births things for the purpose of God and not merely for human need. A father spirit that births an overcoming generation. A father spirit that inspires a generation to live for the kingdom of God that is the internal kingdom of the heart. This is the grassroots revolution that God desires! We must empower a generation to live for the place where heaven touches the earth, not for escaping the earth for some heavenly high. Let’s be prophetically inspired, and not distracted by the circumstances around us.

Food For Thought,

Ted J. Hanson

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