Prophecy In Bulgaria – March 17, 2022

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I just finished a week in Bulgaria where God moved in a very powerful way. While I was there I released several prophetic words that I feel are very relevant to the body of Christ at large. Today I want to share one of those prophetic words. The following words and prophetic utterance was given in Sofia, Bulgaria on March 17, 2022.

God is releasing a testimony inside of you and out because the voice of the lord is the voice of many waters and you are living in a very unique time on planet earth. And some of you will hear some things in your spirit tonight that will go beyond your head. Others of you will hear some things in your head that need to to go to your spirit, but I feel that Daddy God wants to say some things tonight. He says,

I’ve activated your heart to see Jesus in your midst and I’m pleased with the rejoicing and the sounds of life that are emerging.  Get ready for I’m calling you to a deeper place, God says. For some of you would think that the water is up to the waist and to the chest, but I say the water has not even reached the waist yet, says God, on My body. You’ve experienced the ankle deep and you’ve experienced the knee deep. But you’re about to experience the waist deep and there’s going to be a procreative power of life that’s going to enter into your midst.

And in these past decades I have announced that I was bringing a tsunami wave, and many have rejoiced in the thought that I would bring such a wave, but My tsunami wave is not a wave of blessing. It’s a wave of making you become a blessing. For the tsunami wave is not a wave that is easily ridden to surf. But I declare that I’ve announced my judgment to the nations. And My judgment to the nations is Mercy! Mercy! Mercy to the lawless! Mercy to the legalist! And from mercy will come forth truth and there’s going to be a transformation in the hearts of My people. For when the tsunami wave comes the waters of the world retreat. And it’s not a time to seek the waters of the world, but it’s time to seek the mountain of God. And you’re going to hear such a sound in your hearts and such a sound in the nations that says, Come, let us go to the house of the Lord! Come, let us run to the mountain of our God! For I say to you, My love is stronger than any mountain of stone and My love will lift your vision higher.

Do not be confused with what’s going on in the nations. I’ve made this an impossible time, because you are yet to see what is possible with Me. And I’ve made this a season of miracles, says God. But don’t be those who question the miracles and oppose what I do, and don’t be those who are distracted by the miracles, by the things that I do. You’re going to see such miracles and the temptation will be to rejoice in the miracles, but God says, I’m calling you to a deeper level. Because this is not a season of power. This is a season of intimacy! For there have been those who have camped along the banks of the shores of the world clothed in the clothing of the beach and there have been those who have held unto the pain of the past. But I’ve brought a move of My Spirit, says God. Even now it’s rising up within you. For My voice is the voice of many waters and you’re going to experience such intimacy in Me to know that My mercy has triumphed over every judgment! Because My mercy is the judgment! I have made My judgement and now you will come to My mountain in a deeper place of reality and instead of wearing the clothing of the ways of the world you will wear the clothing of the ways of children of God. The ways of sons and daughters. The ways of princess and princesses. You will wear the ways of being loved by Me and let go of the pains of the past for they are tattoos of the world. This is not a time for the tattoos of the world. This is a time to be marked by Me, says God. To be marked by My healing. To be marked by My life. To be marked by My sweetness. To wear the tattoos of heaven, says God. For it’s not the tattoos of where you have come form that I’ve called to be on your body. It’s the tattoos of where you are and where you are going that I’m placing upon My body, says God. They are not the tattoos of your story. They’re the tattoos of My story! Because I knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb, and I’m the only one who knows the truth. I’m the one who knows the truth about you. For you have looked in the mirror, but I have looked in the heart and you have looked in the mirror to the tattoos of the world. But I have looked in the mirror to the tattoos of heaven. And even tonight I’m marking you with mercy, says God. And you’re going to know that the joy of Me is your strength. And you’re going to get a revelation that My joy is your strength. For God says, you are My voice. I am the word, but you are My voice! But My voice can only be found in Me. You cannot find your voice in where you have come from. Let go of the tattoos of pain. For this is a season of deeper reality, deeper intimacy, says God.   

Food For Thought,

Ted J. Hanson

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