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In this month’s blogs I have been addressing the subject of belief, action, imagination, and influence. I have also been presenting these four things as blessing, multiplication, possession, and influence. These were the four basic elements of the really good news preached to Abraham (Genesis 22:15-18). The good news (gospel) is not merely about going to heaven when we die, but rather it is about knowing God in this life and bringing the life of God to wherever we live. By knowing God we know who we are. In Christ we are the blessings of God and God is blessing us. We are the expansion of His goodness with the multiplication of our lives to our measures of rule in this earth. We have a great inheritance and we are leaving a legacy of heavenly possession in the generations of men. Because of this the families of the earth are being influenced by the blessings of God. This was the testimony of Jesus Christ who gave His life for the nations of the world. As leaders we must lead with this purpose.

In one of my previous blogs I mentioned a vision that I had in the mid 1980s. In the vision I was standing in my city were there is often a gathering of young people. Above me I could see a principality and he had three large chains extending from the ground to three sides of his body. The chains were each stretched tightly as the principality stretched them to his place of standing in the air. He was shouting out belligerently. He declared, “There is no God!” “There are no absolutes!” Then I heard someone say, “Pull him down”, and some began to focus on him and try to pull him from his place of standing. Then I heard God say. “I don’t want him down. I want him out of here!” I turned with my side to the principality and I lifted my hands and began to worship God. I saw thousands of young people stand with me and they raised their hands in worship to God just as I was. Jesus began to come down in bodily form in the midst of the people. As He did, I could hear the breaking of the chains holding the principality. The presence of Jesus was dispossessing the ability for the principality to be held to the ground. As I stated in my blog on this matter, God was revealing to me that the way to destroy the power of the enemy was to fill the place of its standing with an expression of the body of Christ.

A few years after that vision I was part of a ministry that made the error of challenging the influencing powers of religion and greed in our city. It was a quick work for us to be tumbled as a ministry. We were religious and greedy and thus we had no ability to dispossess the influencing powers of greed and religion. God’s way was to divinely join a handful of religious and greedy people who would be committed to and intimate with God in a way that allowed the power of the Holy Spirit transform them be non-religious and generous in their beliefs, actions, imaginations, and influence in the world. A body of people had to know that they were blessed to be free from religion and that they were the blessing of Christ’s liberty in this world. They had to know they were blessed with the generosity of Christ and that they were a blessing of God’s generosity. A body of people had to begin to take actions of Christ’s liberty and Christ’s generosity in their daily lives. They had to believe for a multi-generational expression of that freedom and generosity. Their hearts had to become filled with hope and strategy for the future inheritance of God being given to them. A body of people had to become an influencing expression of Christ’s liberty and generosity in the community and every sphere of their expanding influence in life. This is the way of the good news found in Christ! I have seen this to be true in the generations of Abundant Life in Bellingham, Washington. I have seen the expanding influence of freedom and generosity touch the community and many parts of the world. God is good and His way is wise! There is no end to His government and peace!

As leaders God will join us with others that matche our life message in order for us to walk out our God-given call as leaders. What we believe determines how we will act. How we act will determine where we invest our imagination. Where we make our investments is where we will influence the world. If we are called to be leaders, then we are called to expand the message of our own lives into the lives of others. It will have everything to do with our beliefs, actions, imaginations, and influence. We cannot lead in Christ’s body with mere Christian principles. We must lead to facilitate the testimony of the Principality Christ Jesus. This means that we will lead according to the testimony of Christ’s grace given to us for the good news of Christ’s kingdom. As leaders we are called to influence this world with a people and not merely ourselves. That means we will be involved in the ministry of transforming the beliefs of human hearts. We will be involved in activating the actions of transformed beliefs. We will be focused on a testimony of flesh made into the word of God for the generations of inheritance. We will be involved in changing the world by bringing the blessings of Christ’s influence to the families of the earth.

What is your life message? Are you joined to a body with notes and stanzas to your life’s song? Are you joined to a body that has the poetry of your poem? Are you joined with other leaders who carry the DNA of your testimony? What are the beliefs, actions, imaginations, and influences of your generations? These are the measures of the good news of Christ in you! Let’s be leaders for the glory of God’s covenant with Abraham. We can transform this world for the glory of God!

I believed, therefore, I acted. I acted, therefore, I dreamed. I dreamed, therefore, my children and my children’s children were born with vision. My family was born with vision therefore other families of the earth were blessed.

Food For Thought,

Ted J. Hanson

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Ted J. Hanson is the leader of House of Bread Ministry and Christ Life Training Ministry Academy. He has dedicated his life to raising up the generations of God with a 100-year plan to become the testimony and power of God's life and grace in the earth.
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