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Inheritances from God come by revelation. God has blessed us in heaven with every spiritual blessing in Christ (Eph. 1:3). Those blessings are only ours when we come to see what they really are. When we see them, we can receive them. When we see the blessings of God, we can also believe that God is giving them to us. God wants us to receive His blessings from heaven so that we can become the riches of His inheritance in the earth (Eph. 1:18).

The blessings of God come from God. God is not a performer of works. He is a being, and He wants to bless us by who He is. What we believe is the image that we will present to the world we live in. What we believe is not really based on the knowledge we believe, but in the person we believe. Who we believe determines what we believe, and beliefs determine who possesses the gates. Gates are places of influence. They are what determine the future of the world. Whoever possesses the places of influence possesses the future of the world. Whoever possesses the gates possesses the future.

The future of the world is determined from heaven, but the question is, “Where is heaven?” Much of the Church believes that the future is determined by heaven, but their focus of heaven is a place that is far off or far away. I believe that we go to heaven when we die. It is a great promise and reward when our race has been run in this life, but our race is the journey of destiny and not merely the reward that we will receive in heaven. Jesus didn’t instruct us to pray that we would one day go to heaven. He told us to pray that the kingdom and the will of heaven would be done in the world in which we live. He told us to look to our source of inheritance while we are here upon the earth not as a hope of God’s power for escape. He didn’t instruct us to pray to a God who is powerful. He told us to pray to our heavenly Father who is holy. A father is a source of blessing. A father is a source of inheritance. This is not commonly understood in the fatherless societies of the world today, but a father is the source of a family name, and a family name is a source of inheritance. A family name carries the power of a family’s destiny that carries through the dynasty of a family name. Having a father in heaven guarantees heavenly blessings in any world in which we live.

As leaders in the body of Christ we are not called to tasks of Christian ministry. We are called to inherit the blessings of God our Father and to expand them as His inheritance in the earth. The secrets given to us by God are the substance of inheritance that belongs to our children and to our children’s children. This is the power of God’s increasing kingdom in the earth. 

The blessings of God in our lives are about us becoming sons and daughters of God for His life-giving purposes in our lives. It is not about us being blessed but about us becoming God’s blessings of life. There are four things that comprise the basic substance of humanity and mankind’s facilitation of spiritual forces of either good or evil. They are the issues of belief, action, imagination, and influence. These four things hold the power to bring about change in the earth. This is not a grace for mere blessings in our lives, but the very keys to unlock the destiny of our lives as those who rule in Christ. It all starts with the issue of belief in our lives. Who we believe determines what we believe and only believing God can empower us to become the blessing that He has called for us to be.

Who you believe is whom you will be like. Who you believe determines what you believe. It is not what you believe that determines whom you believe, but whom you believe that determines what you believe. What you believe is the image that you will present to others, but it is all rooted in whom you believe. I believe that whom you believe determines who possesses the gates in your life. Who you believe determines who possesses the gates in the earth, because possessing the gates has to do with what you believe. Gates are places of influence. Gates are the power of true inheritance in the earth.

John 8:31, 32  Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

In these verses we see that Jesus was talking to Jews who believed Him. He was not talking to those who did not believe Him. He told those who believed Him that if they were to abide in the words that God speaks personally to them, they would know truth that would bring a power of freedom. The word translated as “word” in this Scripture is the Greek word “rhema”. It is not the word “logos”. Rhema is a personal expression given directly to someone.  The secret to knowing truth is not in something that God has already said. It isn’t in believing something that God has said in the past. It is found in believing God. True belief in the person God would enable men to receive truth from God. It would enable them to receive a substance of inheritance from the one who gives inheritance, but the secret would be a close relationship with God where inheritance could be received. That relationship would be a relationship of sons to a Father that would empower them to be fathers to sons.

Food For Thought,

Ted J. Hanson

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