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As leaders we must lead to empower those in our sphere of influence to be clothed in the armor of grace. This is the testimony of being clothed in Christ that overcomes every scheme of the devil. Holy Spirit is the source of our belt, our breastplate, our shoes, our shield, our helmet, and our sword. This is the armor of life that destroys every defense of death in our journey of purpose in Christ. The sword is the testimony of the Spirit of Knowing as the life-giving word of God expressed through our lives as the people of God in our world.

Ephesians 6:17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God;

The sword of the Spirit is the word of God, or more specifically the “rhema” word of God. It’s not the “logos” word. It is not the written word, but God’s expression through our lives that causes us to become expressions of His word as the people of God. The sword of the Spirit is not taking the written word and using it as a whip or a hammer. The sword of the Spirit is taking “God’s personal word spoken to us” and becoming a sharp two edged sword of God’s love. The sword of the Spirit is to become a “declaration” or “proclamation” according to the “rhema” (God’s spoken word to us) that we’ve received from God. The sword of the Spirit is the reality of us becoming the substance of the word of God that brings life to our world. Every revelation from God is an invitation to have an encounter with God to be transformed by God and become something of that revelation. It is only when we have God’s spoken word manifested in the expressions of our lives that we will be able to move in the power of the sword of the Spirit. If we will get in the presence of God, in the fellowship with God, we will hear His voice we can cheerfully endure to become a sword of God’s word that will bring life. It’s that sword in the manifested expressions of our lives that will enable us to call in our blessings here on the earth. God wants to bless us! When He speaks the blessing, then we can speak forth, be transformed, and command the blessing. We can command the devil to flee and he must flee when we be become the substance of God’s word!

If we look at the life of Joshua we see that God told him that He had given him the land of Canaan. When Joshua went into that land did he have to do anything with the sword? He killed 31 kings didn’t he? He had to wield the sword. We’re going to have to wield the sword. We’re going to have to wield the sword of God to destroy the power the kings that are holding our blessings! The spirit of prophecy is going to have to work in our and through lives today. We must be able to speak the things of God as though they already are, even if we don’t see them manifested today. We must stand fast and become expressions of God’s word. It’s only the “spirit of prophecy” that can change things by the expressions of our lives. The “spirit of prophecy” is not the “desire of our own way”. We cannot just decide what we want and then believe to receive it by making confession with our mouths. The “spirit of prophecy’ is the “testimony of Jesus” (Rev. 19:10). We must know what God’s word is specifically and then make confession, declaration, and proclamation of that word. God’s word will bring glory to Jesus!  It’s not the preconceived ideas of our souls that want to exercise their own will and way. The sword of the Spirit is “God’s personal word in our mouths”!

Something is flowing through us that is a weapon of life. The life-giving words of God flow as a piercing weapon of love to the hearts of men. We release the sharp quickening edges of sacrificial love as our lives confess a love for God and for men. The judgments we make are not judgments of the flesh. They are judgments for the poor from the equity of our lives. We make decisions for others based upon who we are in Christ, not what they deserve in the flesh. We are the people of God who walk as the community of God to bring the communion of God to all men. The word in our mouths is a word of His love, a judgment of eternal life for all who believe in Him. We are the people of God and we wear the grace of the Spirit of Knowing, intimacy with God and men through Christ’s eternal judgment of love for all people.

Our decrees are those of the life of the Spirit and not those of defeat. They are decrees made by the substance of our lives. That substance is a substance of God’s word through us to our world. It is the substance of God’s love through us to others in our world. It is the testimony of being the people of God.

Food For Thought,

Ted J. Hanson

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