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What is the will of God in our lives? I believe that God’s will in any situation is salvation in that situation. Salvation is not just the testimony of going to heaven when we die. It is a continual process and it includes the testimony of the life of God in any situation in life. Eternal life is to know God and Jesus Christ whom He sent. This is a daily reality. Salvation is the power of eternal life in the testimony of our lives. God is constantly working things out in our lives. His purpose in all things is relationship with us and us with Him. As leaders we must set an example of walking out the constant, continual, increasing, salvation of God in our lives for the sake of others.

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

O my goodness! I thought I was getting out of the situation! In order for God to work things out I must find Him in the situations of my life. It isn’t a matter of me escaping my daily circumstances. It is a matter of allowing God into my daily circumstances and allowing Him to work things out.

God wants to move into our worlds with us. That might change the situation, but it is not intended to just get us out of a situation. If we don’t love God, it might not work out for us. He loves us, but we have to allow Him to come into our world in order to receive the blessings and rewards of His love. It is not a matter of exchanging some deal with God, it is a matter of letting Him in. We have to allow Him to come close to us and we have to willing come close to Him. When we are close, we can hear Him in our hearts. We must position ourselves to hear God in order to stand in faith. Salvation is experiencing God in the situation. Life is filled with continual transitions. We are constantly leaving seasons and entering into new ones. We are constantly leaving situations and entering into new ones. How we leave a thing is how we enter the next. We must know how to stand and where to stand in order to be in the right place at the right time for the will of God to work out in our lives. If we know God’s will, we can have God’s salvation.

How would we know God’s will? We must forget about ‘what to do’ and simply connect ourselves to Him as a matter of relationship. He is our Father and we are His children. When we depend upon Him, we can trust Him. Knowing the will of God comes by allowing Him to fill our spirits with the life of His Spirit. The will of God comes from the place of desire and faith. These things can only be birthed in the human spirit.  When we receive the life of God’s Spirit in our spirits it carries the power of transformation. For sure the will of God in every situation is to grow in our relationship with God as our Father, a Father who loves us and who is willing and able to help us in each and every situation we face in life. Our relationship with God is more important than our deliverance from the circumstances of our lives.

God gives us life, breath and all things. These are attributes of finding our true identity, our true testimony, and our true purpose in life. Surely the salvation of God in our lives is about being who we are meant to be for the glory of God in all things. God is our God! He gives us life! We should grow in knowing His love and the life that enters into our hearts because He is in our lives. We should grow in being a testimony of God in our lives. There is no separation between us and Him. We have peace with God in Christ. He gives us breath and we are therefore an expression of Him in some way. We should grow in our partnership with God. He gives us all things and all things are meant to bring glory to and for the purpose of God in our lives. True joy is to live for our God-ordained purpose in life. That life will bring life to others in increasing ways. These are all attributes of the will of God in our lives. These are all testimonies of being people of faith, hope, and love.

Food For Thought,

Ted J. Hanson

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