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In the beginning of the year of 2009 the Lord spoke to me in a vision I had while worshipping in a church service in England. The presence of God was in the room and I saw a vision of a woman on a horse. The focus of the vision was at first on the horse’s neck and head. The woman was riding this horse, but the wind was blowing strong into the face of the horse and the woman. The wind seemed to be demanding change that was contrary to the known desires of the woman and seemed to inspire emotions, feelings, opinions, and personal judgments. I could see the neck of the horse was tight with strong muscles. The sinuous muscles of the horse were very noticeable. It gave me the impression of the strength of flesh, the strength of emotions, and the strength of human feelings. I could see the face of the horse and the appearance was of much emotion and strength of feelings. As the wind blew, the horse violently turned its head to the side, and when the horse turned, the head and upper body of the woman turned in the same direction. The movement was full of emotion and passion. As I recall, this happened about four times. I believe it was four times, significant of the four directions of the earth as being something that was affecting the whole world. At the last turn of the horse, the woman stood up on the horse and became brilliant with light. As she stood the horse dissipated and was no longer a point in the vision. She now stood upright with clear focus and determination in a straight forward direction. She was no longer distracted by the wind, but appeared to be determined and full of life. The whole vision at first was on the upper part of the woman and the neck and head of the horse. I was straining to get a grasp as to what color the horse was, thinking it must be significant, but I was not allowed to see the color of the horse. My main focus was drawn to the emotion and strength of the horse’s flesh. As I have stated, when the woman stood up the horse dissolved in the vision. She and the field she was standing in became the focus of the vision. The woman had long golden hair and she was now standing upright in a field of wheat. The wind was blowing, and the woman’s hair became like long golden waves of the sea behind her head. I could see that the wheat field was also waving in the same pattern as the woman’s hair. I now believe the woman’s hair represented an authority of life. An authority to bring life to the world. The feeling was glory and life! Then I heard God say, if the Bride would call the winds of change winds of increase, she would rise up in her brightest hour and she would become the life-giving womb of God in the earth. I was reminded of this vision this morning.

At the close of 2009 I released the following prophecy:

I keep hearing ‘God’s purposes’ – the hatching of this egg is not a revealing of who you are or who we are corporately. It is the revealing of the bigger plan of God. It’s going to bring great excitement. I’m reminded of the vision I had at the beginning of the year – if the Bride would call the winds of change winds of increase, she would rise up in her brightest hour and she would become the life-giving womb of God in the earth. Another name for an egg that is hatching is ‘womb’. “There is a womb that is an ancient womb – it’s a womb that at times has seemed almost barren, at times it has seemed abandoned, not connected to the will or intent of My people. But,” God says, “it’s right on time and this is the season where My life-giving place is going to be revealed. But it’s not going to be life-giving to you, it’s going to be life-giving because of you. It’s not going to be something that comes merely to do something that meets your needs – it will go way beyond that. It’s going to come forth and be an influence that is world changing – not just world shaking, world-changing. There are many world-shaking things that are going on, but God says He’s bringing forth world-changing things.

I believe we are in the midst of a move of God’s Spirit that is going to enable the church to be small, but big and big, yet small. I have an apple tree in my yard with six grafts, a diversity of fruit yet one root. It is not tall, but it is reaching out. It is filled with blossoms this year. I am expecting to have to put supports under what is destined to bear great fruit in this season. I think we need to take a posture as leaders to support what is both small and big. We need to support a grassroots revolution that is putting the identity, testimony, and purpose of God in every block of every city. We need to be a standing church, not merely sitting on the strength of the flesh. Our focus needs to be on the lower portion of the Body of Christ. This is the place of her standing up and becoming the womb of God in the earth. This is not a time to be strong in opinions, personal passions, or personal visions. This is a time to empower a church to stand up and be the light of Christ in the midst of change.


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Ted J. Hanson

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