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Today I am posting a prophecy that I received on Monday night, August 3rd, during a prayer time at ALife Church in Bellingham. I believe that this word is key for our present season as the church. In the prophecy, there is a key focus of standing as the body of Christ. We must stand as the body of Christ ad we must allow our hearts to be circumcised for what God has for us in this time called now.

August 3, 2020 – Ted J. Hanson

I hear the Lord saying that, this season is a season that you cannot see yet. For I proclaimed that there was a new season before you and even as My children crossed the Jordan to come into a land where they were strong in Me, I’ve called you to cross to a place where you become strong in Me. But the crossing of the Jordan was with an ark, and the crossing into that which I have called you is as a body. But not a body as it has been, a body as I have called you. And the Spirit of the Lord says that, this 2020 season is going to have 2020 vision, but that 2020 vision is hindsight. For the Lord says, when you put your foot in the water there was that which had to pass by before you knew there was a path. And even as there was eleven miles of water that had to stop and elven miles of water that had to pass before the eyes of the Israelites, the Lord says, do not be dismayed by the months that pass by you, for the months are passing by that I might bring forth My victory. And you’re going to see that in this season  as you stand fast to be My body that My miracle is going to cause self-seeking and bitterness to melt before you. But the greater miracle is what I am doing in you, for the Lord says, I am doing a new a circumcision of your hearts. And I’m causing you to see Me and to see you more clearly and I am going to roll away the reproach, says God. I am going to roll away the reproach on My body. I am going to roll away the reproach on you. And It doesn’t come without participation, for it’s in your circumcision and it’s in My miracle. For the Lord says, the miracle is already passing by in front of your eyes. So, do not be dismayed by the months that flow before you. For I have determined that there is a new thing and that which stood in the past as a warrior’s strength no longer stands for those warries have died, says the Lord. And there’s a new warfare, there is a new warrior that’s rising. The body of Christ is rising in a new victory and a new testimony. The body of Christ is rising in a new victory and a new testimony. And it’s a rolling away of the reproach, says God. For it is not in the memories of what has been, it’s in the testimony of what is about to be. And you will see as the months pass by before you there will be a passing through and then there will be a great victory, for there will be a testimony of that which I have done and a testimony of that which you have responded to. You shall be the people of God in a new measure and you shall see that bitterness and self-seeking shall melt before your eyes. 

In the giving of this word, I heard the Lord say, eleven months – eleven months like eleven miles. That is eleven months from January, that when your foot went into the new thing in January that the miracle was already there, but eleven months have to pass  before you see the fruit. And 2020 vision is actually also an English idiom for hindsight. So, the vision for 2020 is not what you see with foresight, it’s what you see with hindsight in what God did. And there is going to be a great celebration, I believe, in the twelfth month.

In this word the greater miracle was in the circumcision of our hearts. The standing was as the body of Christ. It is not time to judge others for not standing as we think they should, it is time for each of us to stand as the body of Christ in whatever we hear God saying to our hearts. Our attitude and the connection of our hearts towards God and one another is more important the means of our gathering. I believe the circumcision of our hearts is a cutting away of our own agendas based upon bitterness or self-seeking in some way. It is a change in our hearts that frees us from thinking like people in the world. God is empowering us to be God-seeking, and people seeing, to be the body of Christ that is a testimony of brotherly love in a strength of Truth and Spirit. God resting in our lives is more important than our resistance to the enemy. Embracing God’s presence and being creative to stay connected in our hearts to the body of Christ is more important than our mode or method of gatherings. Staying connected to God and one another is more important than any judgments that we are tempted to make in regard to how we should be meeting, where we should be meeting, or any other variance in our modes of operation. The following word is a prophecy that I gave at the end of 2019 coming into this year.

December 29, 2019

I just hear God saying that the past decade there were many things that were not necessarily wrong that you held on to. They were enough for the time to get you to the future, but they weren’t enough to get you into now. And I hear God saying; today if you’ll hear His voice, today if you will hear His voice. So, God wants you to exchange the future for today, because the future as you saw it is stuck in the past. And God has better things for you than you could imagine, but the time is now. And God is releasing a grace for His body to be able to enjoy the moment, enjoy the hour, enjoy the day – today if you’ll hear His voice. Don’t even look at this year as; ‘how am I going to get to the end of this year?’, because that’s how you looked at last year. And last year, God says, I gave you enough to get you to the end of this year, but I didn’t give you enough for today. But now I am releasing My grace for now, and there’s a grace that’s coming on My family, a grace that’s coming on My people to appreciate the time called now. And don’t let now be tainted by what was; or diminished by what you think is yet to come. But let now be, be juicy, let now be full of life. Let now enter into your mouth, let now enter into your taste buds, not just your stomach. And live for the moment, live for today – today if you’ll hear My voice. But God says, there’s a grace for this. So today is the beginning of a moment of reality, and it will be real, unlike any time before.

We must men and women who embrace God’s manifest presence resting in our lives each and every day. Let’s embrace the time called ‘today’ and release the things that no longer exist. The place where God rests and we rest in Him is more valuable than the stories of yesterday or the yet to come promises of tomorrow. Christ is everything!


Ted J. Hanson

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