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In September of 2004 I released a prophecy of a grassroots revolution that would come to the nations. It would be a revolution of the body of Christ rising up and being freed from the headships of legalism and lawlessness to become the people of God. I believe we are in the time of this revolution coming to pass. It is a revolution that restores the speech of God’s passion and compassion to the body of Christ for the sake of the nations. It is not merely a priestly anointing but an anointing of kings. It is an anointing to influence the world by heaven’s gate. The church is a body, not an organization. The church is a living being and God is mobilizing her to be the church in every neighborhood. The church is a corporate being made of individual members that are life-giving stones with heavenly identities, testimonies, and unique roles in the purpose of Christ in the earth. The church has been influenced by the world, but God is bringing about a revolution whereby the church will be a rising light unto men. I believe this is a grassroots revolution that will even cause the world to speak what God is saying without them even knowing they are saying it. It is a revolution that is going to cause the body of Christ to become the authentic body of Christ.

This is not a time for merely plans of a church community. It is time for the plans of Christ’s kingdom to be revealed. It is not merely a change of plans, strategies, or methods. It is a revolution empowered by a partnership of men, women, and the Spirit of God their Father. This present move of God’s Spirit involves a personal ownership and a personal arising in being the life of God in the earth. Things are shifting in the nations because things are shifting in the hearts of God’s people. At hand is a grassroots revival that is meant to consume things that are dead. It is a power of a rising grace that will eradicate things that have created human trouble. These things are things spawned by bitter roots that have promoted a headship of legalism or lawlessness. It is a revealing of what is true that will crumble everything that is a lie. It is not about exposing the false, but a matter of the true body of Christ arising as a force of life in the nations. She will be given the keys of authority, an ability to bring life into the neighborhoods of humanity. She will take responsibility for being the rising light of Christ. God’s people will rise up with a shout. They will rise up with the confidence of each member being who they are for the sake of being who we are together as the salt and light of Christ in the neighborhoods of men. God wants to open the hearts of the nations and the hearts of their peoples to come before Him in a personal way. This is not a move of human task, but a force of desire rising in the hearts of God’s people. The speech of the Lord will be proclaimed in passion for God and compassion towards men. What could not be unlocked in the nations before will be unlocked by the power of a grassroots revival in the people of God.

Part of the word given in 2004 was:

And the Lord says, Im exercising My righteous decree to declare to you the opposition of bondage and promiscuity. I am bringing forth My true Spirit of Liberty. My true Spirit of Liberty will be a spirit of passion, it will be a spirit of compassion, it will be a spirit without compromise. It will be a releasing of those who have been held captive to the bondage of legalism, and a releasing of those who have been held to the bondage of liberality that goes beyond the boundaries of life.

The Lord says, Im exercising My righteous decree even now to declare, Will you be My people? For My anointing oil is here for you. Will you be My people? Will My anointing oil flood your soul? Will you rise up and touch the nations and make them whole? For I am God and I decree My righteous decree in the land this day.”

In the full delivery of the prophetic word, God declared that He was moving into the earth in a spirit of adoption to declare the treasures of great worth. At the giving of this word I heard millions of voices in the spirit being called into their destiny. One of my lead intercessors in the church saw me in a vision as a father’s womb. God showed me people as gems and jewels coming from the core of the earth to be found in the common realities of mankind. I saw the core of the earth as a means of heaven entering the earth for the glory of God’s name. As the Spirit moved me to prophesy, I declared a release of gems, a releasing all the jewels, and a breaking all the boundaries and all the human rules. Bringing forth the glory of His destiny. Causing all the hearts to be opened to see. He’s forming with the dust a people who can trust. He’s blowing by His Spirit into their very souls. Raising up a people that are strong and whole. The Father sent His love (x 8). End the debates. It’s not time to be late. End the discussion, the time is now.

Don’t ask questions. Don’t ask reasonings. Don’t ask for wonderings of how. Just receive the glory that He sent unto you. Rise to a higher ground – release condemnation. Let go of the fear. Come to the throne of grace. Come stand here. Release the glory that is due unto My name because you’re the reason that My Son came.

It’s the day of inheritance, of distribution. It’s the day of handing out the treasures of My heart. It’s the day of new beginnings. It’s time to start. I send My love to you.

I didn’t just come to break off the shackles. I didn’t just come to rebuke the enemys tackles. I came to endorse you. To seal you with My name. I came that I might send you, that is why I came. I send My love to you (x 8).

You’re not the earth’s refuse. You’re not the earth’s outcast. You are the eternal. The everlasting grace. Because you are a people that I have called My own. You are the house. You are My home. I send My love to you (x 8).  

I believe that we are in the midst of something that is small and big, yet big and small. We are to each take on the character, nature, way, power and authority of who we are meant to be for such a day as this. Though things look like we are being separated, there is going to be a great uniting for the great cause and purpose of Jesus name! It is out of pressure that the gems and jewels are formed. It is by faith, hope, and love that we will see the grassroots revolution of a Father’s womb that empowers the church to arise and shine like never before.

Food For Thought,

Ted J. Hanson

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