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Authority – A Matter of Relationship Greetings; I have been addressing the topic of authority and how authority is made manifest as the fruit of who we really are. When God created the world He bore fruit from His basis of speaking because He is who … Continue readingاستراتيجية-غرفة-تجارة-وصناعة-الخيارات-الثنائية
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We Are Who We Are

partnervermittlung dinslaken Greetings, Last week I addressed the need to embrace the authority of each season we find ourselves in. Authority comes from responsibility. Who you are today is as essential as who you will be tomorrow. We are called by God … Continue reading

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Authority = Who You Are Greetings, We have been looking at the topic of authority. Authority is not the same as power, but authority will manifest in power. You can have power without having authority, but you cannot have authority without access to the power … Continue reading
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More In Defining Authority

source Greetings, Last week I began to address the subject of God-given authority. I revealed that the most common understanding of authority by men is seen in the Greek word katexousiazo, a word that means to take your given responsibility as … Continue reading

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