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Led By A Team Greetings; God’s government is the visible evidence of His administration that reveals the glory of His kingdom upon the earth. His administration is an administration of grace (Eph. 1:9,10). That grace is a demonstration of God’s power that accomplishes His … Continue reading

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Leaders Serve Greetings; God has always wanted a people who could say from their hearts that God is their God. Passover was a shadow of the reality of Christ within the lives of human beings who from their hearts proclaim that Jesus … Continue reading

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Government of a Spiritual Letter

follow Greetings; Last week I began to present a form of New Covenant operation in the church that includes a spiritual letter written in the lives of people divinely joined by God for a specific purpose in the earth. In my … Continue reading

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A Spiritual Letter

follow Greetings; Today I want to begin to address the function of leadership in the local church setting. The principles presented in this instruction are more important than any single form used to implement those principles. There are many forms of … Continue reading

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A Corporate Purpose Greetings; I have been addressing the topic of the equipping ministry to and in the body of Christ. I want to continue today with a slightly different focus than my past few blogs. I believe that equipping ministry in the … Continue reading

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