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Uniting Spirit, Soul, and Body

source site Greetings, Every human being has a measure of authority. That authority is based upon who each person is. It is relationally connected to others, but it is unique to who they are. Authority is connected to responsibility, but responsibility is … Continue reading

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You Are Significant!

see Greetings, Each and every one of us is unique and each of us has a role to play in the big picture of God’s plan in life. You are who you are and you have no idea how significant your … Continue reading
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You Are You Greetings; God has not called you to be someone you are not, but He has called you to be who you are today. When King David was watching sheep, what was his anointing? He had the anointing to be a … Continue reading
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The Will of God is Who You Are

source url Greetings; How do you know who you are? Knowing who you are is not dependant upon your gifting, but your gifting is connected to who you are. The will of God is not dependant upon the things you do in … Continue reading

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